Very hard to juggle codes, says Davy

Brendan Bugler - Clare hurler on Cratloe panel that lost Munster club SFC to Dr Crokes

Davy Fitzgerald stopped short of banning his players from playing county football next year but did express strong reservations.

“My honest opinion is that you can’t do both, it’s very, very hard to train for both codes but in saying that I’m not going to stop them and I’m not going to drop anyone from the hurling panel if they want to try to do it,” he said on Clare FM yesterday.

“I remember ringing Eoin Cadogan from Cork and asked him what he thought; he said ‘Not a hope Davy, very hard to do both’. I’ve told all the lads what I think but I said if they want to try, we’ll try to make it work.”

Powered by several high-profile members of the All-Ireland winning hurling team, including All-Stars Podge Collins, Conor McGrath, Conor Ryan and occasionally Brendan Bugler, Cratloe won this year’s Clare SFC for the first time and put in a heroic performance in the Munster Club final one-point loss to Kerry’s Dr Crokes.

The Clare footballers will be managed by Colm Collins next season, manager of that Cratloe side but also father of dual stars Podge and Seán.

“I think it’s two of the lads have expressed an interest in it but even for them... it’s very hard, Podge and Seán, their Dad is over the football and you’ve got to respect that. That’s their family. I totally respect that but it’s very hard.

“Even last year Podge came to me in the middle of May and said ‘What do I have to do to get on this team?’. He wasn’t getting a start. I said ‘You need to spend two more nights on your shooting’, which meant he had to do two extra nights outside of our training. You take that, what players have to do extra, and it is very hard but listen, I don’t want to be saying to them ‘You can’t do this or you can’t do that’. Lads have their own minds and if they want to try it, fine.”


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