Three things we learned from Galway v Tipperary

Lessons from a Croke Park classic...

1. The penalty rule may have to be revisited

After the sound and fury about three men on the line, we saw two instances yesterday of a penalty not yielding a goal. Joe Canning didn’t connect as sweetly as he’d have liked with his effort, and Seamus Callanan’s shot was rising when he faced Colm Callanan, but you can expect some tweaking of the rules in the off-season again given the lack of goals from the new dispensation.

2. An open mind helps

Anthony Cunningham outlined the road Shane Moloney took to get back on the Galway senior team, including turning up for a challenge with Wexford to make up the 15 when others were out injured. Cunningham must be happy this morning that he decided his panel would be open-ended, given Moloney’s cool winner in injury-time yesterday.

3. It pays to spread the load

Joe Canning wasn’t as wasteful yesterday as he was against Cork, but he didn’t need to do it all himself either. The scoring burden was still shared among his team-mates. Any manager with an attacker as lethal as the Portumna man would want him on the ball as often as possible, but Galway now have players who can chip in and take some of the pressure off Canning - step forward Jason Flynn, who tormented Tipperary from start to finish yesterday.


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