Quinn slams Daly’s ‘hurtful’ outburst

FORMER Clare skipper Gerry Quinn has described recent comments by Banner legend Anthony Daly as the “most hurtful thing I have read in all my years of playing for Clare”.

Dublin boss Daly, who captained Clare to All-Ireland SHC titles in 1995 and 1997, admitted that he had “a couple of issues” with Quinn when at the helm of his native county.

Said Daly: “I had a couple of issues with Gerry. Cyril (Lyons) had an issue or two with Gerry. Probably Gerry has to look at his own commitment. There’s no doubt in Clare that Gerry is in the best 15 but you have to have certain criteria met at training. From what I know of Baker, Cunningham (selectors Ollie and Alan) and Mike (manager, McNamara), they’d pick Saddam Hussein if they thought he’d do a job. Once he rocks up. You have to have certain standards.”

Quinn told the Clare People: “Anthony Daly’s words were the most hurtful things I have read in all my years of playing for Clare. They were calculated to wound and quite unexpected. To get that from a former teammate and manager when you’re down is hard. I don’t know what motivated Anthony to come out like that. I’m not going to dwell on it much.”


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