O’Grady criticises Cork tactics in league final against Kilkenny

Former Cork manager Donal O’Grady has criticised his county’s tactics in last week’s league decider.

Jimmy Barry-Murphy’s side were taken apart by Kilkenny but O’Grady thought they would have put up more of a fight.

“I was one of the people who thought Cork would do well,” said the St Finbarr’s clubman. “But tactically Cork got it wrong. I wouldn’t blame anyone for that, the new management team are just there and the big job will be to restore confidence within the panel itself. They’ve been doing that well up to last Sunday and while it was a blow I believe they’ll rebound.

“I think the way you play Kilkenny though is to hold on as long as you can, and everyone saw after 10 minutes it was game over at 2-6 to 0-1. There was too much space afforded to Eoin Larkin, Cork should have crowded at the back more. They’d have suffered for it a little up front, but my belief is the only way you can hope to beat Kilkenny is to be in the game in the last quarter and hope for the best. But if Kilkenny get a couple of goals up, that’s it, they have a great system and shut up shop. It’ll be a good learning process for Cork though. ”

O’Grady, who managed Limerick in 2011, sidestepped any questions about Ciarán Carey quitting as a selector and said he hadn’t been in contact with anyone in the county this year. However, despite the turmoil, he held out hope for his former side. “The main aim for Limerick was to get out of Division 1B. That was the ambition last year and we did, only for them to be thrown back into it by administration. If they’d gotten out of that division this year, all the pressure would have been off and they could have relaxed going into this championship. But they never fear Tipp, and if you go down through the years they’ve beaten them in games they shouldn’t have.”


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