Ó Sé: System is no help to players

Tomás Ó Sé believes the structure of the Munster championship doesn’t have the players’ interests at heart.

The all-time championship appearance record holder, set to make his 84th SFC outing in Killarney on Sunday, can’t fathom why the competition can’t be run off quicker than seven weeks.

Ó Sé also reiterated his criticism of the six-day turnaround to a Munster semi-final against Waterford that will await the winners of Sunday’s game between Kerry and Tipperary.

“I know fellas might be starting at me queer but I wouldn’t be looking too far beyond Tipperary at all. That’s the way I approach every game, I don’t care who the opposition is.

“I’d still question the fixtures. Originally, it was supposed to be fixed that we had a game two weeks later but I still don’t see the reasoning.

“I still don’t understand why the Munster championship wasn’t started maybe with the first round at the start of June, the second round in the middle of June and the Munster final on July 7.

“I don’t know if it’s TV rights or is it money but I don’t think the players are put first in that regard. It’s not right you’re playing a game six days later. I don’t care who’s going forward, if it’s Kerry going forward or if it’s Tipperary going forward, it’s not right.

“You’re playing a game six days later and then you’re going through the heart of the summer five weeks without a game. It just doesn’t add up.”

Ó Sé, 35 next month, is supportive of more double header games with the hurling championship such as last year’s corresponding football fixture between Tipperary and Kerry which, after Kerry agreed, preceded the Tipperary-Limerick quarter-final in Thurles.

“It [the Munster championship] doesn’t seem to be drawing big crowds. Kerry-Cork always draws a big crowd on its own, which is always been the way and always will be the way because there’s a great rivalry there. I suppose double up with other games? I see no problem. There was a good atmosphere there last year [in Thurles] and, yeah, it’d be a good idea.”

In the event of double headers not being accommodated, Ó Sé sees no issue with Munster football and hurling games going ahead on the same day in different venues.

“I’m sure if I sat in a room there with the Munster Council or whoever was organising the games they would have perfectly whatever arguments saying they can’t do this because of this and that. Football is a different sport. Playing them off even there are games going on the same day, I’m not going to lose a night’s sleep over not seeing a hurling game and likewise the hurlers won’t lose a night’s sleep.”


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