No complaints, no excuses, no ‘if onlys’ from Brian Cody

Brian Cody clearly wasn’t in the mood – and who could blame him?

His post-match sit-down with the written press lasted just four minutes and there were “no excuses” from the Kilkenny boss after his side’s three-in-a-row dreams were smashed by rampant Tipperary.

Cody said: “The usual thing after an All-Ireland final - the better team wins the game, the better team won today. There are no excuses, no ‘if only this had happened, if only that had happened’.

“There was nothing in it at half-time, essentially, the first half was toing and froing a bit, there was two points in it at half-time. We got a good start to the second half, we got a goal.

“We didn’t drive it on after that. They got a goal and they did drive it on. They were very, very good, and that’s the way it went.”

Cody used two subs – both in the 60th minute – but there was no switch in a creaking full-back line in the entire game.

He defended an inside trio that was cleaned out by insisting: “When the full-forward line is on top it’s not always a question of what’s happening in the full-back line either. It’s a team game.

“Everybody talks about defending all over the field, and we certainly wouldn’t be pointing the finger at anybody.

“The (Tipp) full-forward line is very talented, there’s no doubt about that, but our full-back line has done wonderful work for us many, many times.

“It’s a collective thing, right throughout the field, sideline, management - we win together and today we’ve got to lose together.”

Cody rejected fresh suggestions that his squad doesn’t have enough depth and also insisted that the absence of injured midfielder Michael Fennelly wouldn’t be used as an excuse either.

He said: “Like I said many, many times, I would have great time for the panel we have, good players and we were in the All-Ireland final with them, one game away from being All-Ireland champions.

“There are no excuses and I’m not even going to begin to talk about excuses. Michael Fennelly wasn’t playing so he couldn’t influence the game.

“Unfortunately, he had no part to play in the game and we certainly are not going to start talking about anyone we didn’t have because that’s not the right thing to do. The better team won the game.”

When Tipp ended Kilkenny’s ‘drive for five’ in 2010, the Cats bounced back to win the final a year later against the Premier County.

Kilkenny, under Cody, have a history of bouncing back from disappointment but, obviously eager to get out of the media room as quickly as possible, he wasn’t keen to dwell on the potential for recovery.

He added: “I don’t know – I haven’t been thinking about that right now to be honest with you. Today, the lads in the dressing room are obviously very, very disappointed and again, lookit, we’ve had great times, great days. The lads themselves have done outstanding work over the years, over this year and everything else. Absolutely they deserve the highest praise and I would only give them the highest praise, and respect for what they’ve done and continued to do.”

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