Male GAA players drug-tested 453 times since 2011

Male GAA players were drug tested 10 times more than their female counterparts in the last five years.

The figures, obtained from the Irish Sports Council by The Limerick Voice, show that in the last five years, 453 drug tests have taken place in hurling and gaelic football while only 42 took place in ladies gaelic football and camogie.

The findings show that male GAA players were tested 95 times throughout the year but their counterparts in ladies gaelic football and camogie each had only four players tested.

The annual anti-doping reports that are available to the public on the Irish Sports Council website show, that in the last five years, 237 of the 453 drug tests of inter-county players were conducted out of competition.

That means that over half of the drug tests took place when a player was either finished training or the test was administered before an organised training session with their respective inter-county teams.

However, 38 of the 42 drug tests that the Irish Sports Council administered in camogie and Ladies football took place in competition, or in other words, after matches.

The only exception came in 2011 when there were four out-of-competition drug tests during the camogie season.

Previous figures, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, show that the eight drug tests that took place in the 2014 and 2015 camogie and ladies football seasons happened on the day of the respective All-Ireland senior finals.



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