Maher likes it around the middle of the park

A cursory glance at the teamsheet is all you need to spot Tipperary’s dangermen, but it’s the subtleties that interest Brendan Maher.

“I think our strength is in our ability to use the ball very well; our movement off the ball is very important,” he said.

“There’s fellas like John O’Brien and Noel McGrath, they make moves off the ball that create space that maybe people mightn’t see. But we notice it a lot and I think that’s something that can be used as a strength as much as a lad winning a 50-50 ball.”

After coming on at wing-back in last year’s September final, Maher has again nailed down his favoured position.

“I enjoy playing midfield the best,” Maher says. “I think it suits my game.

“I can defend and I can go forward as well so I think it gets the best out of me.

“I don’t mind, sure I play the half-forward line a good bit with Borris-Ileigh and I’ve played the half-back line as well. Once I’m out around the middle third, in the action, I don’t really mind what position.”


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