Lynskey hoping for revamp of All-Ireland format

Galway minor hurling manager Jeffrey Lynskey is hoping the GAA will agree to a reformatting of the All-Ireland championship at that level.

After Leinster rejected the county’s request to join their minor and U21 championship last October, Lynskey believes a group comprising Galway, Antrim and the preliminary losers from Leinster and Munster might be a more palatable option.

“Antrim were fairly close to Dublin a few weeks ago but they didn’t get a second chance, sure how are you going to develop hurling in Antrim unless you get games? Munster and Leinster in particular seem to have a big piece of the cake whereas in Galway and Antrim we haven’t got it.

“In Galway in the last 125, 130 years of the GAA, there’s never been a competitive minor match, in Galway, in Athenry.

“Think about it. In senior level hurling, there’s been two. So there’s been more competitive games played in London and New York than there has been in Galway.”

Lynskey was candid when asked why Galway’s success at minor level hasn’t yet translated to an All-Ireland title at senior level.

“Did you ever go out in Galway city of a Friday or Saturday night?! You’d understand why.”


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