Kildare have an August concern

For years it has been the biggest criticism of Kildare, but while talk of their lack of scoring is wrong, for the most part, it’s right when it comes to August.

In 2009, when they were the second-highest scorers in the nation, they averaged 19.6 points per game up to Tyrone (including goals) but only hit 14 against Tyrone, a fall off of 28%. That season Kerry went from 14.4 points to 19 from province and qualifiers to All-Ireland series, an increase of 32%.

In the run-up to the All-Ireland semi-final of 2010, a season when they led the nation in scoring, Kildare hit 18.7 points per game, in the Down defeat that dropped to 17. That year Cork went from 16.7 points on the way to the last eight to 17.6 on the way to an All-Ireland, an increase of over 5%.

Last year the trend continued as Kildare went from 16.8 in the run up to the quarter-final to 0-11 in 70 minutes in that quarter-final against Donegal. Add it all up, and in All-Ireland series games since 2009, Kildare’s score has fallen by 17.3% in August, and it’s that which has cost them repeatedly close games.


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