We’ll name boss this week

Tom Ryan has insisted Limerick’s new intermediate hurling selectors will meet this week to elect their own new team manager.

It was decided at a special county board meeting last week that a group of five selectors will look after the team next year but that no man will carry the title of manager. Ryan had been recommended by a county board sub-committee to head up the new management team but it was rejected by top officials.

A compromise was finally reached when it was agreed that Ryan, Jimmy Carroll, Don Flynn, Pat Howard and Tony Roche would assume equal responsibility.

But Ryan stated last night: “It’s not ideal and we will be meeting during the week ourselves.

“We have a meeting on Wednesday night and we will select a manager because it is essential we have a manager.

“We have spent a month now behind the black ball, not knowing where we stand. I’d be very thankful to the other selectors who took a right pounding for no reason and who stood their ground.

“Also, the clubs who saw this for what it was – a personal attack on me – have to be acknowledged as well. But it’s no harm that this was brought out into the open.”

Ryan, Limerick’s senior manager for the 1994 and 1996 All-Ireland finals, remains unhappy with the process that ultimately denied him the opportunity to manage the team outright.

At last Thursday night’s meeting, two motions were originally on the table, calling for clubs to back their decision to veto Ryan’s management while also proposing a fresh sub-committee to appoint a new manager.

And Ryan insisted: “That situation was brought about by the county board and people on it who pursued an agenda with nothing whatsoever to do with hurling.

“It was very nasty. Whatever agenda they had, they didn’t produce any reason for it but there was no doubt about it – there was an agenda and they carried it out.

“They tried to damage my name, my reputation and my ability to coach and manage teams. That was the worrying factor. When teams at club and county level are finding it difficult to get people to manage teams, people with experience and a record, they queried my record in a big way.”


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