Storey says Oulart will be back

Martin Storey was as desolate as you might have imagined after yesterday’s Leinster Club SHC final.

He’d just seen his club, Oulart-The Ballagh lose their fourth provincial title in-a-row, after all.

Still, the Wexford legend had no excuses.

“We couldn’t put the ball between the posts, very simple. I think we had 11 wides and we put eight into the goalkeeper’s hands, that’s 19. And they were all within scoreable positions.

“But look, that’s life. We didn’t do it. I said all along, the team that performs on the day gets the spoils of battle. I mean, we just couldn’t get the ball over the bar.”

That was what separated the teams, ultimately.

“The key difference was that they took their scores and we didn’t take ours.

“If you look at it on the scoreboard, they scored, I’d say, maybe five points from 60 or 70 yards. We were hitting wides from 30 yards.”

Storey didn’t feel his team was nervous, though he acknowledged the three previous defeats brought an element of pressure to the Wexford champions.

“There’s a difference between nervous . . . nervous is something you get when you’re a young fella and you haven’t been there before.

“But pressure is a thing that’s in the back of your head somewhere: ‘My god, let’s hope this doesn’t go wrong again.

“And that can come from the back of your head to the front of your head and it can come out in your hurling and it can come out in your performance.

“But, I mean, there’s no excuses. We didn’t perform well enough to win the game.

“It is devastating. But look, there was no death.

“Tomorrow will be a bit easier, probably Wednesday will be a little bit easier, hide somewhere for a few days to get rid of it but it’s a very hard one to put your finger exactly.

“Is it a psychological thing, is it a physical thing, are we too predictable? You can come up with ten scenarios. I’ll sit down tomorrow and come up with five or six scenarios to change it for next year. We might not even be there next year.”

Asked if it would be difficult for Oulart to come back next season, though, Storey was defiant.

“No it won’t be hard, I don’t agree. These are hurling men. These lads are hurling for that red and black since they were eight years of age.

“I don’t think it will be hard for them to come back because that is what they do.

“It will be hard for them to get back to here but it won’t be hard to put back on the red and black of Oulart.”


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