League in need of a shake-up, claims Canning

Ollie Canning: Favours two groups of seven in the top two divisions. Picture: INPHO/James Crombie

It wasn’t one of the Hurling 2020 committee’s 15 proposals but the body are fully behind a shake-up of the league, says member Ollie Canning.

Having canvassed widespread opinion, the group would prefer to see the Central Competitions Controls Committee revert to an eight-team Division 1 or either two groups of seven in the top two divisions.

“You don’t like to keep changing things too much but I feel myself that it has been up and down for the last few years and the seven versus seven would bring a couple of teams back into that bracket.

“If you look at the league the last couple of years you have had top quality teams not playing in the top division.

“You have them playing teams they are beating comprehensively and that’s not good for anyone.

“It’s not good for the team that’s on the end of a hammering and it’s not good for the team winning by 15 points.

“Seven on seven, we feel, is the best option. We also had the scenario where people were winning their own division but had to play the team that was coming down which we felt was unfair as well.

“If you win your division you should be rewarded by going up, not that you play somebody else.”

Canning’s brother Joe was one of the participants in the penalty and 20 metre experiment inThurles.

With some shots being measured at over 150km per hour, the older Portumna brother recognised the safety issue.

“I think myself carrying the ball forward as Anthony Nash, he obviously perfected that skill.“They were leaving themselves open that if someone got the ball to the neck or any other part of the body, it was dangerous atthat stage and it had to be looked at.

“We feel as a committee, the one-on-one scenario is probably the best solution.

“We will see. It’s going to be trialled in the pre-season tournaments and pre-season games.

“It’ll be interesting to see what the results are like.”

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