John Meyler: We’ll have to up it again to beat Tipperary

Both managers were quick to mention Robbie O’Flynn after yesterday’s Munster SHC clash — the Erin’s Own man was stretchered off after a heavy second-half collision with Cork teammate Conor Lehane.

“He’s gone to the Regional for a scan,” said Cork manager John Meyler.

“Myself and Declan (O’Sullivan, physio) went in to have a quick check but he was gone so we’ll be in contact with his parents.

“You could see it before (Mark) Coleman hit it because the two of them were coming across, it was just a clash of heads but he’s concussed and will probably he’ll be out for next week.”

Clare joint-manager Donal Moloney echoed Meyler: “First, I hope Robbie O’Flynn is okay, because that looked a fairly hefty clash, you wouldn’t like to see that happen to any player.”

Meyler paid tribute to his side’s work rate: “That’s what we said about this team. We need to up our work-rate on any team. They have superb skill, superb fitness, and attitude, we’ve worked on that but Tipperary next week, we’re going to have to work twice as hard.

“We’ve got a lot of aching bodies inside the dressing-room so tonight (Sunday) is critical for recovery — tonight and Monday morning and evening, so instead of having that four-week period off you now have five minutes off.

“So they have to recover quickly and this is the challenge facing players and management and county boards.

“There are no cushions, the game is over — Clare is over, that’s it, it’s ten past six, lets forget about it.

“We now have to go to Thurles on Sunday to face Tipperary, that’s the new challenge that’s facing us.

“So what you do this week to recover is critical, it’s a whole change from previous years.

“You need to keep working, stick to the process, stick to the plan. That’s what we did there in the last 10 or 15 minutes when we really drove at Clare. We finished out strongly, which I liked.”

Moloney didn’t feel Cork were too far ahead of his side: “It’s not much of an edge. It’s early in the summer yet and you never know how things will turn out, how things evolve. They have some fine hurlers, they’re one of the best teams in the country but there isn’t that much between the sides.”

He acknowledged Cork’s defending Clare’s goal chances, however.

“Some of that was down to great defending, how they scrambled back at times was very very good. A couple of their defenders were excellent from that point of view.

“The decision-making for the last ball might have been missing a couple of times but they’ll come off yet. If you don’t keep trying we wouldn’t have scored the goal we got, which was a brilliant creation.”

Moloney wasn’t happy with the goal which Conor Lehane scored for Cork: “It was a wide ball, I believe, based on TV camera angles,” — but he felt the Leesiders would be hard to beat at home for any team, and welcomed the fact Clare have now played a championship game ahead of facing Waterford next weekend.

“You could train for two months but you’d never replicate that. It is a big factor.

“We look forward to it. The guys are very disappointed to lose but if you don’t put everything into it you won’t learn about yourself. The new championship format is very very different and it’ll be very interesting yet. Look at what happened in the other game today. This could be wide open yet.

“They (Cork) were able to respond quite well — they have some great players and can conjure up the response. It was touch and go we didn’t get ahead a couple of times but we’re playing away from home as well.

“We’re in Cork’s back yard and it’s not easy to turn them over down here. I don’t know if any team will find it easy to do that down here.”


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