John Bannon: Johnny Coen should have seen red

Kilkenny were not happy with James Owens’ interpretation of an aggressive foul on a number of occasions in the first half.

In the 22nd and 23rd minutes, they claimed they had a player fouled but instead Eoin Larkin was whistled for over-carrying each time with Jason Flynn converting both frees.

In the second half, Galway felt the same in the 37th and 56th minutes when they were penalised for taking too much out of the ball. It seems when you were surrounded by three or four players and unable to play the ball the free was awarded against you.

In the 33rd minute, Johnny Coen committed a dangerous high foul on Colin Fennelly, which was a red card in my eyes and everyone else around me. Everyone, that was, except the referee who, after consulting with his linesman, chose to show Coen a yellow card.

In the 35th minute, Joe Canning pucked a wide but asked the referee to check the validity of the umpire’s decision with HawkEye. He needn’t have done so as HawkEye checks every score and wide and if there was a mistake made, the official in the booth would have contacted the referee. I hope the GAA informs players and supporters about the workings of HawkEye, maybe in a TV ad, as there is still a lot of confusion about it.

In the seventh minute, Galway seemed to have legitimate grounds to be annoyed with a 65 being awarded to Kilkenny when the ball appeared to go wide.

In the minor game, it was a most difficult day for Paud O’Dwyer, refereeing his first All-Ireland final just a day after the loss of his mother. My sympathies to him and his family. Paud got great assistance from his linesmen yesterday especially when it came to stewarding players who were too close to sideline balls and frees. Paud was also on the mark in spotting a throw ball in the 59th minute and then the fetching of a ball three times a minute later.

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