Joe Quaid slates Congress transfer motion

Kildare boss Joe Quaid has hit out at the Congress motion which seeks to reduce the number of transfers to weaker hurling counties.

A motion from the Mostrim club in Longford calls for a reduction in the number of players a weaker county can take in from MacCarthy Cup teams from five to three.

Rule 6.10 of the GAA, the Special Eligibility Rule, currently allows for a team competing outside of the of the top tiers, in both league and championship, to take in up to five players from an elite county in any one year.

Ex-All-Star Quaid has drafted in five non-natives for 2017, including former Kilkenny attacker John Mulhall and Limerick’s David Reidy whose scores have left them sitting pretty in the Division 2A promotion race.

Former Clare All-Ireland medallist Patrick Kelly similarly backboned Kerry’s Christy Ring Cup success in 2015 though counties that aren’t located in close proximity to MacCarthy Cup teams don’t benefit nearly as much.

“I’m sick to the back teeth of talking about it at this stage,” said Quaid. “I genuinely didn’t want to bring in people but we had to. It was out of necessity.

“It only seems to be becoming an issue now because of the profile of John Mulhall and David Reidy. There wasn’t a word about it when Kerry brought in outside players or when Dublin brought in Ryan O’Dwyer and Niall Corcoran.

“What we’re doing is totally within the rules and, as I said, I didn’t actually want to do it. I would have been totally against it but we did it out of necessity because players who were invited to play for Kildare didn’t want to.

“In terms of the Congress motion, I’d obviously be against it. And I say that coming from the background of initially supporting that view. But I’ve seen how these guys have raised the boat in Kildare, how they’ve raised the skill levels, the intensity at training. They’ve brought everyone on and isn’t that great for a county that’s trying to improve itself?”

Former Limerick star Quaid reckons all the talk about Mulhall and Reidy is hugely disrespectful to the rest of his players.

“We had three outfield players against Westmeath last weekend who had come in. We used 15 other players in total on the day, including three subs. There wouldn’t have been a word about it if they weren’t forwards who are getting on the score sheet. If they were defenders nobody would be saying a word.”


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