Enquiring reporter@ Kiely tackles key issues ahead of final showdown

Enquiring Reporter - with Limerick manager John Kiely.

Are there any Galway weaknesses Derek McGrath can target?

We played Galway twice in the league and they’re a very physically imposing team. Their work rate is exceptionally high and their half-forwards are very good at getting back to help out their midfield and defence.

It makes them very difficult to break down and, as a result, they haven’t conceded big scores all year. That’s the big challenge for Waterford, to create enough scoring chances, but they’ve managed to do that in a lot of their games.

If any team is possible of breaking down this Galway defence it’s Waterford.

Will Waterford stick with the sweeper?

I can’t see Derek McGrath moving away from it. For me, it’s not even a choice. It’s what they’ve evolved into after four years of his time in charge and I really don’t see any reason for them to change.

I would imagine that they would like to see the game go down to the last 10 minutes because I think at that stage of a tight game they would back themselves to see it out. People shouldn’t think it’s all about just Waterford playing an individual as a sweeper either, it’s what happens around the team because of that system, how others behave.

It’s a much larger concept than just an extra defender.

Who will be more influential, Joe Canning or Austin Gleeson?

Those are two huge talents and what you’re asking is which one of them is going to find more magic on the day. 

It’s a tough one to answer. What you’d say for certain is that the big players always find a way of delivering that magic on the big occasions. Whether it’s Seamus Callanan or Henry Shefflin, if you go through any of the top teams down the years their very best players have more often than not, performed.

I’d be surprised if both Canning and Gleeson didn’t have influential roles, regardless of what way the result goes. A game like this could hinge on a moment, something that we look back on and say, ‘that was the difference’ and either of those guys could deliver it.

A game like this could hinge on a moment, something that we look back on and say, ‘that was the difference’ and either of those guys could deliver it.

How big a scoring tally will it take to win the game?

I think 2-22 would be enough to win the game.

I can see both sides potentially scoring two goals and putting up a reasonable number of points.

At the same time, I can’t see Galway conceding any more than that so if they can get to 2-21, 2-22 they’d have a great chance of winning.

From Waterford’s perspective it comes back to the challenge of breaking down Galway’s defence and putting up that sort of a tally.

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