Davy Fitzgerald to ‘chill’ and decide on his future

Davy Fitzgerald has not yet decided whether he will fulfil the last year of his current term with Clare but stresses his appetite for hurling remains the same.

Fitzgerald is convalescing after his minor heart operation days prior to the Banner County’s All-Ireland quarter-final loss to Galway last month.

Although he reports his energy levels have not yet returned to where they were pre-surgery, he is content in taking time out.

“I’ve actually done nothing. I haven’t even gone to a hurling game, I’ve barely watched the TV. I’ve tried to play a little bit of golf and that’s been it. I haven’t even thought about it, to tell you the truth. I’m under strict instructions to take it easy – that’s the bottom line. But I’m grand. I’m actually happy to take a small bit of time. It’s no harm.

“I have another year’s contract with Clare, we’ll see what happens. I haven’t even thought about it or what I want to do. I think that’s only fair. I look back at what we’ve achieved with Clare, even over the last number of years and I’m proud of what the lads have done. I’m proud of the backroom staff, they’ve been brilliant. What we do from here, I’m not sure, but it’s been a great spin.”

His interest in the game and management hasn’t dwindled in the slightest.

“Don’t have any doubt in your mind. I love being involved and more than anything I love winning and being involved with winners. That’s why I’m very proud of what we have achieved because you take a county like Clare and sometimes some of our supporters lose the run of themselves. If you think about what we have done, I remember the previous 14 years before our management took over, I think we won one Munster League (Waterford Crystal) in 14 years. “We’ve won two promotions, two Munster Leagues, a National League and an All-Ireland.

“I look at other counties that achieved success in the mid-nineties and they’re finding it hard to get back up. We’re the only county probably outside of Tipperary that has won in the last few years with the exception of Kilkenny, of course. We’re in a very small group that has achieved and I’m very proud of that. That will never change and I’m just going to take that small bit of time and just chill. It’s hard to believe that I’m saying that word ‘chill’ but that’s what’s going to happen over the next month or two anyway.”

Speaking at the launch of Bewleys Ireland’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Hospice 2016 on September 15 in Dublin yesterday, Fitzgerald said he will return to the capital next week for another check-up. The 45-year-old suffered a blockage of artery last month that required stents, the second time he has required such an operation in the last seven years.

“I had one in 2009, when I got sent somewhere for a different reason, a narrowing of the artery. This time it was the plaque came off it which he (the surgeon) reckons happened only in the last few weeks so it was just very unlucky the way it happened.

“Has it changed my mindset? No. I think if you watch the lads, we always bring people into Clare training that might not be the healthiest, that might need a bit of a lift and we visit people. I want them to realise sport is a thing to be enjoyed and not put massive pressure on.”


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