Cool Cody now has the big prize in crosshairs

Brian Cody post-match interviews run like clockwork.

They’re predictable affairs — he praises the opposition, he takes nothing for granted, he talks of the Everest-like challenge ahead.

He has his buzz adjectives too: serious, savage, huge, massive, phenomenal.

It’s only after All-Ireland final wins when there is nobody left to play do we get some real insight into the man’s thinking.

Take that Marty Morrissey interview in 2009 or last year when he took the opportunity to have a go at those in the media who had the temerity to write Kilkenny off following their league final defeat to Dublin.

Yesterday evening with Galway still on the horizon, we anticipated we weren’t going to get much from him.

But then Lar Corbett’s marking of Tommy Walsh with Jackie Tyrrell keeping his assignment on the Tipperary forward had provided us with a curve ball for him to bat. Cody was perplexed by the tactic. He even let out a sigh before giving his reaction to it.

“I suppose it’s understandable that Lar is the type of player that teams would be inclined to man mark.

“We did it last year and Jackie was marking Lar and it was very, very strange to see Lar being the man-marker, which essentially is what it appeared to be.

“It’s not for me to comment on their tactics. They’re an excellent team who had a bad second-half today.

“But we had decided what we were doing. Obviously, they were trying to do something else and that’s the way it panned out.”

Cody wasn’t sure whether it was some form of a back-handed compliment to Walsh by Tipperary.

“I don’t know, to be honest because I wasn’t privy to what the Tipp boys wanted to do. It appeared that he was trying to get onto Tommy.

“It was just something that happened in front of our eyes and it had to be played out.”

Back to the hurling, Cody shrugged when asked if it was one of Kilkenny’s best displays during his tenure.

“I don’t think of it like that at all. If it were in an All-Ireland final you could be enjoying what happened.

“But I’m acutely conscious of the fact that today was a means to an end. The prize was to get to an All-Ireland final. And that’s the prize we were after.

“We won as it turns out. We won well. But it’s a means to an end.

“I’m not thinking about how we played or how we didn’t play. I’m thinking that we have a huge game to get ready for (against Galway).”

Cody stated he wasn’t concerned at half-time even though Kilkenny had seen a five-points lead turn into a one-point deficit.

As for the second-half display, he was ever the pragmatist: “There’s not much point in me pontificating about the quality of our play in the All-Ireland semi-final if the All-Ireland final is not sorted as well so I’ll think about that later on when I have time to think about it.

“But to beat Tipperary by that much we would want to play very, very well because it’s difficult to beat Tipperary even playing very well.”

With Galway in the crosshairs, Cody’s side wouldn’t lack for motivation given the Leinster final hammering.

“This year’s Leinster final is played and it’s over and done with. We can never win it. They will obviously try and replicate and even improve on their Leinster final performance and maybe they will do that. We will just have to make a crazy improvement on our Leinster final performance to have a chance of winning the game.”

Cody revealed Michael Rice’s hand injury, which forced him off in the first-half, is a serious one and he faces a race to be fit for next month’s final.


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