Cody: Shefflin and Fennelly in frame

Both Henry Shefflin and Michael Fennelly should be fully fit for Kilkenny’s All-Ireland quarter-final in two weeks, according to Brian Cody.

Henry played only a bit-part in Saturday’s win over Waterford, coming on to a huge roar in the 39th minute, but didn’t reappear for extra-time, while Fennelly came on in the 47th minute and played a crucial role for Kilkenny right to the end.

First, Henry: “He’s okay, he’s fine. He has nothing behind him from a hurling point of view.”

Then the possibility of both starting the quarter-final: “Obviously the challenge is there for the lads to try and win a place, but the challenge is there for everybody else as well.

“There’s no team cast in stone or anything like that, and we’ll see whatever happens over the next couple of weeks.

“Obviously we will take things very, very easy maybe until next Thursday night and recover the bodies and that, because it’s lunacy to try to do anything else. Then we’ll probably have a couple of good training sessions, and then it will be the week of the game we’ll taper things off completely again.

“But look, it’s just a savage place to be. The challenge of all these games coming thick and fast. We had been playing at a standard that we just wouldn’t be happy with, up to I suppose last weekend. We picked it up well last weekend, and we were tested very much and we were tested again this weekend and we came through it well.”


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