Clare's Patrick Kelly welcomes HawkEye to Thurles

Clare goalkeeper Patrick Kelly has given a wholehearted backing to HawkEye’s introduction to Thurles.

Tipperary County Board and Semple Stadium officials have been told the score detection technology is ready to go and the famous venue will shortly become the GAA’s second venue to benefit from the system after Croke Park.

It now could come into operation for either Clare’s Division 1 final meeting with Waterford on Sunday week or the Tipperary-Cork Munster SHC semi-final on May 22.

Kelly claims Limerick’s Shane Dowling admitted to him one of his points in last year’s Munster quarter-final at the venue should have been waved wide. Limerick beat Clare by a single point on that occasion.

There were other contentious decisions in both of last weekend’s Division 1 semi-finals, two coming in the Clare-Kilkenny clash.

“We were talking about it on the way back on the bus,” said Kelly. “I think (Darach) Honan made out he got a point and he was looking for HawkEye, putting the finger up. I think it’s a good thing it can be used.

“I think TJ (Reid) was given a point the last day. The umpires said it was a point and it was actually wide. It’s the fine margins.

“I remember we played Limerick last year and Shane Dowling admitted the ball was wide. If HawkEye was there... in fairness to the umpires, the ball is travelling that fast so there’s a bit of pressure there but I think it’s important that HawkEye should be in use.”

Speaking to the Irish Examiner last week, stadium committee chairman Con Hogan said a big screen will not be used for all games, but it is more than likely to be in operation for championship matches. Otherwise, a screen at the back of the Town End terrace will signify HawkEye’s determination.


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