Cathal Barrett: All-Ireland victory is so satisfying

The joy of proving wrong those people who said Tipperary couldn’t match Kilkenny’s intensity was huge, according to Cathal Barrett.

“It’s very satisfying to come out with a win like that in the style that we did. We had plenty of doubters out there (who said) that we couldn’t get up to the intensity of Kilkenny but I think we did more than that; I think they couldn’t get up to our intensity.

“In fairness to Kilkenny, they have set the bar so high that everybody is reaching for it and we just got up there.”

Barrett’s stand-out moment of the final was Patrick Maher’s challenge on Eoin Larkin.

“Bonner’s shoulder, I think, on Eoin Larkin on the 45, when I saw that as Kilkenny were really putting pressure on us, going for goal and we were trying our best to keep them out. Then Bonner came back and made a massive hit. When we saw that, it rose us all up and I know we were here to perform.”

In setting up John O’Dwyer’s goal, Barrett was afforded advantage by Brian Gavin. The Holy cross-Ballycahill defender was complimentary of the Offaly referee.

“I thought Brian done a tremendous job and was very good for both sides. The advantage rule is actually a great rule because you do get pulled and dragged so it’s great to get it and it’s nice for backs to get it advantage every now and then.” 


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