Which Mayo player is capable of marking Kieran Donaghy?

Eleven years after delivering a Footballer of the Year season almost out of nowhere and destroying Mayo in an All-Ireland final, the same question is being asked about Kieran Donaghy — who do Mayo have that is capable of marking him?

In ascending order of likeliness, Mayo’s options to try and stymie Donaghy:

Donal Vaughan

Which Mayo player is capable of marking Kieran Donaghy?

The closest player to David Brady that Mayo currently have in the squad, Vaughan has played full-back before and would be more comfortable drifting out with Donaghy towards the middle should Mayo get on top in that area. Has the physical strength to make it a battle and would be content on simply spoiling ball aimed at Donaghy.

Lee Keegan

Which Mayo player is capable of marking Kieran Donaghy?

Do Mayo choose to rob Peter to pay Paul once more, hoping that Donaghy strays from the edge of the square to environs where Keegan would be able to be as good on his toes as much as his heels? The protagonist of Mayo’s running game, Keegan could be needed more running at them from the 45m line than inside the 20m.

Ger Cafferkey

Which Mayo player is capable of marking Kieran Donaghy?

Dropped for the replay against Roscommon, Cafferkey has bettered Donaghy in the past (2011 semi-final), but then came out on the losing end of their clash in the 2014 replay. His form has been questionable this summer.

Brendan Harrison

At 6ft, he would be giving Donaghy 5in, but the 2016 All Star is one of the best man-markers around. The only thing is Paul Geaney is a great fetcher of the ball too and the aim of nullifying him seems more up his street.

Aidan O’Shea

Which Mayo player is capable of marking Kieran Donaghy?

A real long shot but then there is nobody on the Mayo team with more basketball ability than O’Shea and not only would he be able for the aerial duel with Donaghy but he has the footwork to match the Kerry forward.


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