Whelan to return for Dubs when ban ends

Jason Whelan is likely to return to the Dublin panel once he serves out his eight-week ban handed down by the Leinster Council.

The Ballymun Kickhams player accrued the suspension after “inflicting injury recklessly” on an opponent during last month’s O’Byrne Cup game with DCU in Parnell Park.

Asked if Whelan had been subject to in-camp correction as well, Jim Gavin said: “No, he has got his suspension and that’s it — we move on.”

On both the player and Dublin’s willingness to accept the punishment, the All-Ireland winning manager said they had co-operated fully with the investigation by the Leinster Council disciplinary sub-committee.

“It was no different to what we did in any disciplinary matters. We are fully co-operative with the committees that are set up.

“In all cases since I’ve been involved it’s been the same process. Whatever we are asked to do, we do — access to players, to management, to videos, the whole lot. So to me it was no different to any previous case.”

Gavin saw full-back Sean George issued with a red card early in the second half of Saturday’s win over Kerry.

It appeared to be an off-the-ball incident, which was picked up by one or two of referee David Coldrick’s umpires operating at the Hill 16 end.

“I hate to say I didn’t see it but we need to speak to the player, speak to the referee and see what the referee says. But if it is a strike, absolutely no qualms with that. He gets his suspension if that’s the case. We need to see what the referee’s report is.”

Aside from carving out a victory with 14 men for the last 27 minutes, Gavin was pleased with the display by Alan Brogan, making his first appearance in a Dublin jersey since the 2012 All-Ireland semi-final defeat to Mayo.

“Alan has been looking well in training over the last 10 days. He’s made remarkable progress since we came back after the winter break. Bryan Cullen rolled an ankle in training so it was a nice fit.

“He played very well tonight, I thought. To get through 70 minutes of that intensity was a great testament to the work he has done and the work the coaches and athletic department have done over the last few months. It was great to see him back, delighted for him.

“It was really just a matter of him being confident with his own health and that was the most important thing from my perspective, is that he is healthy and comfortable with it and it is great for Dublin football.”


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