Ronan McCarthy rues Cork's ‘poor day at the office’

Cork manager, Ronan McCarthy, was ruling out complacency as a cause of Cork’s performance against Louth yesterday, which McCarthy himself described as “disjointed”.

“All I can say is that we prepared for this game the same way we prepared for the other games, so it wasn’t coming from us, if it was there.

“It’s probably unfair to the players. They prepared properly — it was a poor performance, but a lot of guys have put down a lot of mileage on the pitch, over the last two or three weeks. Maybe that told a bit, too.

“We’ve done a lot of work on skill development over the last few months, and, at half-time, we would have said to the players that our basic skills were very poor.

“A poor day at the office, but we won the game after losing the first round of the league, and, now, we have a bit of a break, before the next round of the league, as well.”

McCarthy didn’t see the incident for which Peter Kelleher was sent off, but felt Kevin O’Driscoll was hard-done-by.

“I’m not doing an Arsene Wenger on it now, but I didn’t see Peter’s at all. I just spoke to him about it and he said he never raised his arm. The (Louth) player offloaded the ball and went on for the return, and ran into him. We’ll look at that on the video.

“Kevin’s, for two yellows — the second one was for a high tackle, but the first one, where the two of them were grappling together on the ground, it was very clear to me that Kevin had his hands out, to show the linesman he wasn’t fighting, or anything like that.

“It didn’t seem to make any difference, which is disappointing.

“We’ll look at Peter’s on the video; he’s adamant he didn’t do much for it.”

Cork also fell foul of referee, Martin McNally, with one of Ryan Price’s kick-outs, which resulted in a throw-in.

“We were caught on that, in Down, as well,” said McCarthy.

“We understood it as the player (receiving the ball) having to be outside the 20-metre line, which he was, both in Down, last week, and today, but the ref indicated that all the players have to be outside the 20-metre line — I’m not aware of that, we’ll have that clarified.”

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