Paul Murphy: A basic skill let me down

Kerry’s Paul Murphy has moved on from the NFL clash with Dublin earlier this year and its dramatic ending.

Dublin made it 34 games unbeaten in league and championship that night in Tralee, thanks in part to Murphy’s wayward free kick at the death. He says he was “kicking himself for a couple of days” but he wouldn’t shy away from a similar situation if it arose in the future.

“It was a tough enough couple of days to be honest,” said Murphy. “Now I don’t know what was said about me in media or online or anything like that. I’m sure there was a bit said about me, but I certainly didn’t go looking for it. I was disappointed in myself and that was the big thing. It was a huge chance for us at the time. We made amends a few weeks later, but I was kicking myself really for a couple of days. It was just a basic skill let me down.

“It was a combination of executing the pass and not seeing — I think it was Kevin McManamon, having watched it back once or twice, but I’m not too sure. Basically I was so conscious of keeping the ball, I was trying to pick out Stephen O’Brien and was erring on the side of not going too far so that the man behind wouldn’t have got it, I slightly miskicked it and I think it was McManamon came in and cut it out.

“It was a basic skill and the stakes were high and that confounded it, you could have made that mistake in the first minute of the game and you would probably have gotten over it easy, more easily. We trained I’d say Monday or Tuesday night and that was fine then. I got it out of the system.”

Murphy acknowledged replaying the kick in his imagination “a hundred times in my head”, adding that most times: “I’d have kicked the ball as far down the field as the leg would carry it, but that probably wasn’t the right thing to do either.

“The other option then would have been the goalie, the goalie is not being marked. It was about 45 yards out, but if he came to the 20 metre line and played a one-two you’d have possession then in your hand and you can keep ball, but sure look, you could torture yourself with that.”


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