Niall Morgan: Players were ignored on changes to 2018 GAA calendar

Tyrone goalkeeper Niall Morgan believes players’ views weren’t sufficiently considered in the shaping of next year’s GAA calendar.

Morgan is alarmed at the prospect that the county’s inter-county footballers won’t be able to line out for their clubs in league games because of the condensed season.

“To me, I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but it’s not the people making the decisions that should be (making them),” said Morgan, Ireland’s International Rules goalkeeper. “The players are always asked but their comments don’t really seem to be taken into consideration because no matter what happens, the players are always complaining about it. It just seems that the men in Croke Park make the decisions whether you like it or not.

“You pay attention, you have to, if you’re looking to plan ahead and looking at club football. I know down south most people are happy with the Super 8 but it eats into our club football in Tyrone. We only miss five games a year, whereas in the likes of Kerry or Cork they mightn’t play any league games at all. It’s going to be a big hit for us playing our club football in Tyrone, but we’ll deal with it and get on with it.”

The introduction of the Super 8 is not something the Edendork man is particularly hot on. “It just constantly seems to be ‘how can we make more money?’ and ‘how can we build the revenue stream?’ It’s become more of a business than a sport.”

Morgan doesn’t believe county players are able to give their best for their clubs in the current climate.

“I find it hard going back to play league games with the club, you haven’t trained with them in maybe three or four weeks and next thing you’re playing a game. Maybe their system has changed and it looks a bit arrogant of the county player walking in and expecting everybody to play the way they want to play. It’s not fair on the clubs. They always want you to be playing and they deserve to have you playing. They’re the ones that brought you through the youth ranks.”


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