Michéal Lundy: Tide is turning for Galway

Any time is a great time to beat Mayo but Michéal Lundy is not reading too much into Galway’s win over their neighbours.

Across Connacht Leagues, Championships, and Division 1 of the Allianz League, it was the fifth straight occasion Galway have come out on top in the derby but Lundy doesn’t believe they have the Indian sign over them.

“It’s nice to beat Mayo anytime but at the end of the day the Championship is the big one. There’s a game there in the middle of May that Mayo and Galway eyes are fairly focused on. It’ll mean nothing, yesterday, if you go and lose in May.

“But no, it’s nice to have (won), it is somewhat of an edge... if it’s playing in the backs of the minds of Mayo people (it’s good), so there’s confidence there that Galway can build on, that’s always good.

“For years there, Mayo were beating Galway too easily. Now I think the tide is starting to turn hopefully.

“There was a bit of an edge to it too on Sunday. I suppose it probably got a bit out of hand. But sometimes it’s no harm — Galway have got pushed around for years. The lads, in fairness to them, they’re starting to stand up. And they’re doing it where it counts, they’re doing it on the scoreboard.”

Top-flight status is now almost secured for 2019 but Galway had been expected to struggle upon their return to Division 1 with injuries, retirements and the Corofin players like Lundy out of the loop, with Saturday’s AIB All-Ireland club SFC semi-final against Moorefield up ahead.

Lundy himself showed an edge in November’s Connacht final when he lined out 10 days after having his appendix removed, scoring the club’s second goal against Castlebar. “The stitches seemed to heal all right and it didn’t seem too bad,” he recalled. “I told Kevin (O’Brien), the manager, ‘Don’t rule me out’.

“I went training on the Friday just to get involved and I went for a quick run on the Thursday before it and felt alright at training. Kevin said, ‘see how you get on in the warm-up’.

“I think he was a bit conscious of me, I just had to try and convince him that I was alright and luckily it paid off.”

He’d have no qualms about doing the same again.

“I asked him (his doctor) what could happen and he said, ‘the scar could open and maybe a possible hernia’. I asked him, ‘Is that bad?’ And he said, ‘No, it can be fixed’. If it could be fixed, that’s all I needed to know.

“All I wanted to know was could I play or couldn’t I play. And he gave me a bit of confidence that I could play. I tested myself in the warm-up, I wasn’t hiding away from a challenge because I wanted to get physical. The last thing I wanted to do was not be 100% fit, and cost the team, ruin our chances, but I felt like I could input something into the game.”

Corofin have two Sigerson Cup players in Liam Silke and Kieran Molloy whose colleges are in action tomorrow but they are likely to be rested for Corofin.

“I’ll leave that up to Kevin,” said Lundy. “Liam is involved with UCD and Kieran is involved with NUI (Galway). It’s a nuisance, even the timing of it. Because even if they do (win), the final is on that weekend anyway that we’re playing the semi-final.

“It’s disappointing for them, no-one wants to miss out on a Sigerson (final) — at the end of the day it’s an All-Ireland final.

“You have to choose. There shouldn’t have to be a choice there. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is and hopefully, we have them anyway.”

Galway’s All-Ireland- winning hurler Daithí Burke will be available to Corofin, Lundy confirmed.

“Daithí’s training away with us, he played the first round of the league with the hurlers but we have him back and he’s available now for selection at the weekend. It’s up to Kevin now whether he starts him or brings him in but he’s a huge addition.”

The lads, in fairness to them, they’re starting to stand up. And they’re doing it where it counts, they’re doing it on the scoreboard

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