Michael Quinlivan and Alan Moloney tell Tipperary to walk taller

Michael Quinlivan says it’s time Tipperary started backing themselves in public and quit talking down their prospects.

The Clonmel man is concerned that playing the poor mouth doesn’t work for a developing team.

“If you are a so-called weaker county and you are playing down your chances all the time, even in public, sometimes it does start to seep through. We were confident in our ability, that it would get us over the line (against Derry). It was probably one of the best games of football this year to watch for the neutral. Hopefully, we’ll get a few plaudits for it.

“Having beaten Cork we didn’t want to be known as a flash-in-the-pan team.”

Seeing out matches more convincingly, though, is the next step in the evolution of this Tipperary team, Quinlivan accepts.

“Maybe this might be a small bit of naivety on our own part too because we didn’t really shut the game out like we should have. I don’t think you can ever question the heart, we’ll keep going to the very end.”

Quinlivan couldn’t say enough about how well goalkeeper Evan Comerford performed in the win over Derry. “We have worked big time on our kick-outs. I think we had 95% or something against Kerry, which was good, but we felt we were getting it in the wrong areas and running into tackles so we tried to maybe spread it and go a bit longer.

“Evan’s kick-outs are absolutely phenomenal, it’s easy to make the run when you know the ball is going to be put in front of your path.”

Meanwhile his Premier colleague Alan Moloney admits that his blood boiled when he watched RTÉ pundits Colm O’Rourke and Joe Brolly laughing at half-time in the Munster senior football final.

Brolly has since denied that he was disparaging towards Tipp but Moloney was in no doubt that the Premier County were shown the “utmost disrespect” by the pair.

O’Rourke said: “It’s a nice game but it’s not a proper championship match in the context of a Donegal-Monaghan game, where every ball was fought for.”

Moloney watched the game a few days later and says that he was appalled by the half-time footage.

“They showed total disrespect towards the players and football people in Tipperary.

“Maybe it was a private joke but if it was, they should have kept it to themselves and then to turn around and say that it wasn’t a real championship game showed what they really thought of Tipp football. Hopefully Saturday quietened them for a while.”

Moloney said: “Joe Brolly is from Derry and Colm O’Rourke from Meath. Derry were able to beat Meath and we went out and beat Derry so Colm O’Rourke needs to be careful what he says from now on. Both of them showed no respect. If we didn’t (beat Derry), they’d have said we caught Cork on the hop. Now we’re starting to get the credit we deserve.”


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