Maria Delahunty's biggest frustration is travelling four hours to a game to find no hot showers

The Waterford footballer's childhood idol was Steven Gerrard.

Your sporting hero when you were 10?

Steven Gerrard. I grew up playing soccer in the back garden with my brothers and all of their friends. The back garden was Anfield.

Your sporting hero now?

When Angela Walsh began teaching in my secondary school, I idolised her. My boots broke and one of the girls forgot hers for a school match and we had some scrap in the dressing room for Angela’s boots. I got to wear them and I thought I had the best game ever in them! 

Cora Staunton’s scoring tally in every game is unbelievable. When you think you’ve had a good game at the weekend scoring six points, you read the Mayo report and Cora would be after getting 2-10. It’s crazy.

What other sports have you played?


Career highlight so far?

In 2015, winning the All Ireland Intermediate Championship and the FAI Senior Women’s Cup in the Aviva with Wexford Youths. Scoring a volley definitely added to the excitement. Scoring the winning free kick in Semple Stadium for the LGFA Division 3 League title in 2016 was a special moment especially because the crowd was in for the hurlers that were playing after us.

One rule change you'd make to your sport?

The sin bin ruins games.

Biggest frustration with your sporting career or your sport?

Starting the year with an injury and not being able to help my team. I’ve missed the first three league games with a hamstring tear. 

On a larger scale what is very frustrating is being brought to the back arse of nowhere after travelling four-plus hours on a bus in the middle of winter and not getting hot showers afterwards. 

I think some counties think it’s an advantage to the home team to play in a farm. From playing in the women’s national (soccer) league for five years, every club team has excellent facilities. It would be great if ladies football was the same.

What do you do to relax? Watch Home and Away.

Ultimate career goal? To win senior Munster and All-Ireland titles.

Five tracks for your ideal dressing room/training run playlist? 

Can't leave out these two:

Eminem - lose yourself

Rachel Platten - Fight Song

But, a good old inspirational speech from management with a few al Pacino quotes in there does it for me!


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