Kilkenny has the world at his feet

Ciarán Kilkenny is in for a busy summer — the Cadbury U21 Hero of the Future, who received his award yesterday for services rendered to the Dublin U21 footballers, All-Ireland champions at that grade — is juggling commitments in three codes.

Dublin supporters will be happy to hear he plans to fight for a place on the Sky Blues’ senior team this summer, however.

“Id love to play for the seniors in the summer,” said Kilkenny yesterday. “And a bit of hurling as well, but first I have to get the Leaving Cert done, and I graduated from school today as well. So, I’ll get my studies done, do my Leaving Cert, and, hopefully then, I’ll have a nice summer to play with the seniors.

“Hopefully Pat (Gilroy) will ask me to come up to play with the senior team. My dad was talking to Anthony Daly at the start of the year, and he would be interested to have me on his panel and I’d be interested to play on that team as well … but that’s all up to my Da, I’ll have to get the Leaving Cert out of the way but I’d love to play football and hurling,senior, for the county.”

Kilkenny’s third option is a potential move to Australian Rules, with Carlton keen on signing the Castleknock clubman.

“First of all I’d like to get a taste of playing with the senior football team, and maybe the senior hurling and maybe U21 hurling and stuff like that — and get a taste of Australia as well.

“Even if I went to Australia, I’d most likely come back and play. But I’ve made no decisions yet, and I’d just like to play and be privileged to play this summer.

“I was asked to go out for two weeks, from June 25 to I think July 8 or 10 … and they’d set up a timetable for me. But, I gave my loyalties to the senior team this summer, because I’d like to get a chance of playing with them, and I’d like to get a good few weeks in if they allow me to try and get a place on the team or the panel or the bench.

“I’d like to concentrate on that, and then maybe later on in the year I’d like to go out to Australia for two weeks and get a taste of that as well.”

“I’ve a lot of decisions to make – whether it’s CAO or school or Australia, Dublin, football, hurling, I’ve a lot of decisions to make. Some people say I’m lucky, but I’d like to think I’m unlucky myself!”


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