Johnston saga angers McGeeney

Kildare boss Kieran McGeeney has questioned if GAA officials have investigated all transfer requests as forensically as that of Seanie Johnston.

Former Cavan skipper Johnston sought a move from Cavan Gaels to St Kevin’s in Kildare — a switch which would make him eligible for McGeeney’s squad. However, he has been knocked back by the GAA’s Central Competitions Control Committee.

Johnston was at St Conleth’s Park on Sunday to watch Kildare beat Derry in their Division 2 tie and, according to McGeeney, remains committed to pursuing the transfer.

McGeeney said Johnston has provided sufficient documentation to prove his permanent residence is in Straffan and confirmed that the 27-year-old would go through the GAA’s appeals process before heading for the Disputes Resolutions Authority.

McGeeney said: “It’s very disappointing. People have their own opinions about it but he has given enough things (to prove where he lives). It’s enough for the police, it’s enough for the banks, it’s enough for everybody else but not for the GAA. It’s their call. It’s an appeal now. The appeals thing usually gives the same decision as Croke Park.

“The DRA at least is an independent body. The fella just wants to play football. It’s very frustrating for him. It’s a wonder now because they didn’t look as closely at a lot of other transfers between club and county around the country this year.”


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