Jim Gavin: Dublin strictly observing testing protocols

Jim Gavin maintains Dublin followed the GAA’s anti-doping protocols when their two tested players missed out on the Laochra event after last month’s Division 1 final.

Irish Sports Council’s doping unit director Dr Una May said there had been special dispensation offered to players so that they could provide their samples following the on-pitch 1916 commemoration.

However, Gavin explained Dublin’s two randomly selected players abided by the protocols and made their way to the testing area when requested to do so.

“We just carry out those procedures in accordance with the GAA policy, which states that once the player is informed by the doping control officer that he needs to go to the doping control station. 

“The two exceptions are if he is involved in a victory celebration or media duties. 

“So we were just following procedure.

“Whatever anyone else says to us, we’re not going to let our player go outside that procedure. 

“Because if we did, we would be in breach of those protocols.

“And that’s what we did. My issue at the time was the doping control officer should have waited until the player came back in from that.

“Because once he makes contact with the player, the player has to go to that doping control centre.”

After last Sunday’s Division 1 hurling final, Waterford’s Tadhg de Burca didn’t leave Semple Stadium until 7.40pm as he struggled to provide a urine sample due to dehydration. 

He was seen on the field long after the final whistle drinking water and exercising to accelerate the process.

Gavin continued: “I’m not going to let my players be in breach of the protocols. 

“The point is that the doping control officer shouldn’t approach the player until all that is over. 

“And then let him enjoy his post-match dealing with defeat or victory or those special times when you can have a little time with players, where you can soak in that atmosphere.

“Once that is over, then approach the player and then go through the protocols.

“But not when a player walks down the tunnel after a game and the emotions haven’t probably even left him.”


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