Dublin feel let down by LGFA; Cork manager dismisses talk of a replay

UPDATE: This morning Cork manager Ephie Fitzgerald dismissed talk a rematch with Dublin, telling Red FM that the referee's report is final.

Irate Dublin manager Greg McGonigle claimed the Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA) let his team down badly ter the absence of HawkEye in yesterday’s All-Ireland final.

McGonigle was adamant Dublin merited the offer of a replay in the wake of an umpire’s decision not to award Carla Rowe what appeared to be a legitimate point in the first half. A LGFA spokesperson last night explained why the score detection system was not in operation. “It went in front of Central Council, whether or not to use HawkEye, earlier on this year. The decision was taken that in order to have a level playing field for all teams playing on all fields throughout the country, throughout the championship, that we wouldn’t use HawkEye.”

McGonigle launched a major broadside against the organisation: “You obviously don’t want to come in here making excuses for why we lost the game. Obviously, there are factors. Possibly, a big one was our conversion rate of missed chances in the first half. But what I would say here is we preach all year about having equality and standards. If this happened next Saturday, we would be going to HawkEye.

“If you take down the (advertising) posters of Sinead Goldrick and Briege Corkery and the other girls plastered around Ireland... if there was €1.5 million put into our association and if it cost 10 grand for HawkEye...’

“If there’s a possibility of a replay – and I genuinely want to say it’s nothing to do with Cork and from our point of view we believe (referee) Brendan Rice and his team of officials did a good job – but when we comes to our national stadium to play I believe a young girl of 12 growing up dreaming to play in Croke Park should be getting the same basics as the men get. Fundamentally, I believe our ladies association have let us down.”

McGonigle questioned the LGFA’s financial priorities. “I think I saw something last year that it was too much money and if that’s what it comes down to. Put it on the flipside, 45 to maybe 60 officials spent a week in San Diego in the earlier part of the year. What do you think would be more important?

If there is a right there then I do believe we should be offered a replay. There’s possibly a loophole where they mightn’t be a replay.” McGonigle had shouted onto the field for Dublin corner forward Lindsey Davey to challenge the referee on the call to wave Rowe’s shot wide.

“Then we challenged it at half-time in the tunnel and more or less we got from our association was a shrug of the shoulders.”


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