Clonmel boss Charlie McGeever claims his side were denied legitimate goal

Charlie McGeever has claimed Clonmel should have been awarded a goal in the second half of Saturday’s All-Ireland semi-final.

While accepting his team should have managed to hold their lead and not be brought into extra-time, McGeever felt his fellow Donegal man, Ballyboden goalkeeper Paul Durcan, carried the ball over the line.

“There was a huge question about the one at the other end, a serious question about a serious decision. The story is that it was over the line.

“But in saying that we had the game won. The two things that I thought we worked well on and we wanted to close we did: we negated their kick-outs and we didn’t give them goal opportunities.

“But you have to give them credit as well, they stepped up. That experience, I thought, told in the end.” McGeever rued his team’s inability to finish off Ballyboden when they were three points and one man up in normal time. “All in all, we were probably two fouls away from an All-Ireland. Had we killed two or three balls in the last three (minutes), we probably would have been there.

“We had momentum all the way through the game. We stuck with them. They were asked questions that they hadn’t been asked before in the championship. They’ve tried to blow teams away early on and I thought we dealt with that well.

“I keep saying that the one thing this group are lacking — and they can’t do anything about — is experience. They need that experience. You need to have that mixture. When you look back on the Nemo match, Kevin Harney was the man that killed the game when we got the goal and were a point up.

“Nobody did that in the last number of kick-outs when we could have slowed it down. We didn’t need another score. We had the game won had we done things right.”

McGeever said: “I still say that over the duration we were the better team and we left it behind us.

“That’s the pill we have to swallow going forward. I keep saying you have to lose a big match like that to learn a lot more from than winning it. It’s not the one you want to lose because we should be in an All-Ireland final but I hope they bring that experience with them.”


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