Brian Cuthbert: There are things we need to rectify

Brian Cuthbert

Cork boss Brian Cuthbert was happy with his side’s late late victory over Mayo, but not with their performance.

“We hadn’t beaten Mayo in a while and we’re delighted with the two points, but not very happy with how we played.

“The wind was very strong, and Mayo made better use of it when they had it than we did. But while our free-taking is normally top drawer, today a few lads had an off-day, which is fine - better happening now than later on in the year.”

Cuthbert pointed out that Cork had made some “basic errors, simple mistakes,” in the game.

“We took the ball into contact too much and Mayo are a very good team, very strong, physically well built, and they were turning us over there for fifteen minutes before half-time.

“That’s something, with the way teams play now, you don’t want to be taking the ball into contact too often, and we did that today.

“I don’t think they worked any harder on the ball than us, I thought both teams showed good endeavour, but sometimes our option taking, our support play wasn’t good enough. But those are things we can rectify, we move on to Derry in a good enough place.”

Cuthbert pointed out that Cork were different this year compared to 2014: “Last year we were going out of games and conceding a lot, at least now we’re just conceding a few scores. you’d prefer to be consistent but you’re up against good teams, the top teams in Division One.

“Mayo have been one of the most successful teams in the country in the last few years. They had a lot of their big guns today so we’re happy with the victory. We have plenty to work on, including consistency.

“We also have a lot of guys who need games, Paddy Kelly came on, who hasn’t played in a while, Donncha O’Connor hasn’t played that much, and Daniel Goulding is just back. We need games.”

Cuthbert added that Jamie O’Sullivan and Donncha O’Connor have ankle injuries and may not figure next weekend against Derry.

Mayo joint manager Pat Holmes said they were disappointed but they were also trying to build a panel.

“We’ve used the league to give fellas game time, and that’s worked out well.

Some of it is by choice and some by necessity, we’re down a number of players due to injury - Seamus O’Shea and Cillian O’Connor are injured, for instance - but that gives other players an opportunity. You need a panel of players who are capable of playing if selected and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Holmes was clearly dubious about Michael Conroy’s black card - “I have absolutely no idea, you might have to ask the referee that one. It looked to me like he was fouled, but it doesn’t matter,” - and was happier with his team’s appetite for work.

“It’s not about redemption, we didn’t compete against Dublin the last day the way we wanted to, the way Mayo normally compete. “We were disappointed with that so we came down here to put in a big performance and we did that, it’s just disappointing it wasn’t enough to get us over the line.”


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