EXPERT VIEW: Larry Tompkins says Dublin operating on higher level then Kerry

The former All-Ireland winning Cork captain and manager can’t see past Dublin.

Kerry won the All-Ireland 12 months ago when probably it was felt by a lot of people that they weren’t going to. I noticed an awful lot of celebrations after that win, more than the usual, and I think that just showed how it came out of the blue.

We’re a year on now and the way I see it, Kerry are asking the same players to repeat something that people didn’t expect them to do in the first place last year. I think they got momentum at the right time last year and they took advantage of it.

For me, Dublin are a better team than Donegal were last year and I can’t see past Dublin winning this one.

I think Dublin will get goals. Looking back at the semi-final, Tyrone had lots of avenues for goals against Kerry that they didn’t take, I don’t think Dublin will make the same mistakes.

Kerry will come with a plan, I imagine, to stop Dublin’s forwards and shut them down but ultimately I feel that Dublin’s running game will overcome them.

There were question marks about Dublin coming into the Mayo games and Mayo could have beaten them either day. But the confidence Dublin will have taken from eventually winning will be huge.

The fact that they now know their best team and almost to the minute when their substitutes will come on is huge also. They’re just a tight, close unit. I think they’ve been operating at a higher level than Kerry and they have all the experience you need as well.

Compared to last year when Dublin were caught out by Donegal, they appear to have addressed those problems this year so I give them the nod, I expect them to do it.

Prediction: Dublin


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