Duffy will rue some dubious calls

I would imagine Marty Duffy will be a little disappointed when he reviews on TV some aspects of his performance in Killarney yesterday.

He was spot on with a couple of decisions such as Graham Canty’s yellow card for pulling Darran O’Sullivan after Canty had released the ball in the 45th minute and then identifying that Paudie Kissane had throw the ball when he slipped going through on goal.

However, a brilliant tackle by Colm Cooper in the 42nd minute was unfairly punished by Duffy and Kerry’s understandable remonstrations saw the free brought in from 20 metres to 13m from which Daniel Goulding pointed the free. Marty will know himself he got that wrong when he looks at it again.

Paul Kerrigan can also count himself unfortunate to have picked up a soft yellow card for fouling Shane Enright in the 13th minute.

At the same time, Damien Cahalane should’ve been cautioned for a high tackle as should have Darran O’Sullivan in the 15th minute for a similarly deserving foul.

On another note, quite why Goulding kicked over a 45 in the second and final minute of the two provided by Duffy is a mystery. How Cork thought they were going to score again with time having elapsed is beyond me.

For the first time this summer, I wasn’t at a match this weekend and, having watched three high quality games, the GAA’s marketing line “nothing beats being there” couldn’t be more accurate.

Brian Gavin and his sharp team of umpires had an excellent game in Nowlan Park on Saturday night. With the huge build-up to this game, the spotlight was placed very much on the referee but he came out with his reputation enhanced by the whole experience.

He was helped, of course, by two teams who played the game in an excellent spirit as much as it was full of intensity and importance.

Gavin showed early on he was going to give frees for fouls committed and while some might say he was fussy on occasions he was nonetheless consistent throughout the entire game.

He was right to give a foul in a scoreable area against Kieran Joyce on Lar Corbett, something other hurling referees have shied away from doing in recent times.

In the 43rd minute, he penalised Richie Hogan for dropping the hurl, again another correct decision but one that is not seen all that often in the game.

Johnny Ryan’s game in Croke Park yesterday was a more open game and he had to call on Hawk-Eye twice during the game.

Ryan gave great advantage to Paul Ryan for Dublin’s second goal after he was held by Kevin Hynes.

However, he did add to the confusion of what merits a red card when he only issued David Burke with a yellow card when he retaliated to a Danny Sutcliffe challenge.


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