Dual day a thing of the past

Eoin Cadogan - attempting to juggle intercounty senior hurling and football

Former Wexford senior hurling manager Liam Griffin has told Cork bosses Jimmy Barry-Murphy and Brian Cuthbert that their planned dual experiment is unworkable.

Griffin, who guided the Slaneysiders to All-Ireland SHC glory in 1996, suspects Cork will experience problems as Eoin Cadogan, Aidan Walsh and Damien Cahalane all attempt to juggle intercounty senior hurling and football this year.

“It sounds nice but it doesn’t work. Maybe Cork can do it with the resources they have, we don’t have as many resources [but] I don’t think that works.

“It doesn’t work for the team but for the members of the team most importantly, it doesn’t do anything for morale.

“It might do something for the guy that wants to play both but I don’t see it as a tremendous benefit to either squad.

“It compromises the team a little bit. The demands on each team have to be met in the modern game. If you don’t meet the demands of the modern game you’re going to be an also-ran.

“That’s nothing either pro or anti any sport. It’s just not practical. I don’t think you could play for Leinster and Shamrock Rovers at the same time.”

Griffin said he has urged young players to concentrate on one code only.

“What’s happened is that I’ve said to young players myself, ‘the day that you’re injured and no good to the manager, the phone will stop ringing until such time as you’re well again’.

“It’s your ability that’s being looked for but your ability is being compromised by doing all of that. I just don’t think it’s doable.

“I know I did it myself. I played hurling and football, trying to play intercounty and club and the whole lot together is nearly impossible, it is impossible.

“But if it was impossible then, what’s it now today with the demands and the amount of competitions out there?”


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