Coulter: Sledging hard to stamp out

Benny Coulter believes the GPA’s plans to stamp out sledging at inter-county level could be a futile effort.

The Down star admitted: “I don’t think anybody can do anything about it. How can you stop it? If it’s there and the referee doesn’t even know about it, it’s impossible to stop it. If it’s still going on I’d definitely be pushing to step it out.

“There was a lot of talk last year of players going out to intimidate whoever they are marking. There was a book out [This Is Our Year] and there was a bit I read in it where you [a county] were told to go out and intimidate whoever they are marking.”

Meanwhile, Laois manager Justin McNulty can’t recall being abused about his Armagh background while playing for Dublin club Na Fianna.

On Newstalk last Saturday, his brother Enda revealed he himself had been subjected to verbals when he played for the same Mobhi Road club his brother Justin lined out for.

“If I did, I don’t recall it. If something was said to me... I’m from where I’m from and it’s not something that’s going to insult me. It’s like me calling someone a Kerry langer.

“What’s the big deal?” McNulty added in relation to last week’s controversy between Laois and Armagh. “That’s where you’re from so. Really, I think it’s storm in a teacup.”


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