Conor Prunty is the Waterford footballer you want in your MMA corner

Getting To Know You with Waterford footballer captain Tommy Prendergast 

Which professional athlete would you swap lives with?

Shane Lowry.


Are you a Netflix/box-office binger? Any recommendation?

Don’t have Netflix but do like box sets. Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones are great shows!


Technology you can’t live without?



One team-mate you’d have in your corner in tag-team MMA?

Conor Prunty would do damage.


The worst book/movie you forced yourself to read/watch all the way through?

Scary Movie.


Favourite GAA pundit or commentator?

Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh.


First sporting hero?

Muhammad Ali. What a man.


Your last meal before training and first food afterwards?

I try to get chicken and rice in before training. After training, it’s whatever they bring out on the plate!


When did you last wear the county tracksuit top angling for a freebie?



What’s the one rule change you’d like brought into the game?

All along it would have been to bring in the mark but now that’s in I suppose I would like more consistency with refereeing games.

On Tinder? How soon do you let it slip you’re a countyman?

Not on Tinder.


Best nickname among your team-mates?

Tiger (Tadhg Ó hUallacháin).


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