Brian Cody plays down win significance

Kilkenny manager Brian Cody said yesterday’s league semi-final win over Wexford “will have no bearing” on the championship meeting between the sides in the summer.

Cody’s side won by nine points but he said: “If it counts for anything, it is going to make them so determined. That’s usually what happens when you’re beaten by a team — it’s very easy to get a reaction.

“It won’t change our perspective. We’re expecting a phenomenal game and it will have no bearing on the Leinster championship meeting.”

Kilkenny were far too good for Wexford, with Cody paying tribute to his players’ nous, in particular the younger members of the team.

“You have to try and play the game that’s happening on the field.

“We’re not programmed to play any particular way. We talk about potential things that could happen, then you hand it over to the players and their maturity, ability, and understanding of the game.

“They understand the game very well — that’s why they are senior inter-county players.

“I’ve made no secret of the fact that, at all times, I’ve huge confidence in our panel. And I continue to have.”

Cody acknowledged the two-week break from the quarter-final win had given his side a chance to train properly.

“You can’t train when you’re Sunday to Sunday. A game week after week rules that out,” he said.

“Everyone talks about that we train too often and don’t play enough. But you need to train to be ready for matches. The ideal is every two weeks (between games).”

The Kilkenny boss said he wasn’t dismayed when his side lost their first two league games.

“I’d never presumed anything. We lost the first two games by three points. Potentially we could have won one or both of those two.

“I’m not saying we should have but we were in a position where we might have.

“Three points is not a big losing deficit by any means. Obviously we were tipped very strongly to be playing a relegation battle.

“But our ambition wasn’t to do that of course. Our ambition was to try and go on and win the next game and the next game.

“It’s a great tribute to the players.

“The reaction has been terrific, and now we are in the league final against Tipperary.

“It’s terrific.”


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