Brennan denies refs face blacklist threat

NICKEY BRENNAN has rubbished suggestions by Tyrone manager Mickey Harte that referees who don’t upgrade the seriousness of offences when asked to check incidents are subsequently blacklisted.

Harte has cited the perception that Brian Crowe has been punished for not reevaluating his initial handing out of a yellow card to Noel O’Leary following an incident involving Graham Geraghty in the All-Ireland semi-final between Cork and Meath two years ago.

But according to the GAA president, there is no truth in this at all.

“We’re very clear on how these things materialise. We don’t have people on the Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) watching how analysts deal with games. We have access to the same footage. They look at incidents. Many members of the CCCC are at games and they see what’s going on.

“We have been very fair and up front. The rules are very clear that (referees) can revisit decisions that are made.

“In some cases the referee says ‘I dealt with it’ and that’s the end of the matter, in other cases the referee decides that maybe he didn’t deal with it properly and the CCCC prosecutes the case on the rule and in other cases, the person who is given the proposed penalty by the CCCC is not happy with the penalty and video evidence is produced and the player gets off. I think it’s extremely fair.”

Meanwhile, Brennan accepted Ulster Council’s decision to fix the championship tie between Tyrone and Armagh for Clones despite the availability of Croke Park but admitted that a promotional opportunity may have been missed.

Clones has a capacity of just 33,000 and will not be in a position to offer family tickets and other promotional incentives that Croke Park can provide.

“They are some of the implications,” said Brennan. “Ulster are going to have to answer for that. It’s fairly obvious that you’d fit more into Croke Park than you would in Clones but they’ve made the decision and they’ll have to deal with the implications, if there are any.

“Croke Park is a venue that Ulster games have been played in before to very good effect and the same would have applied on this occasion but that’s just the way it is. I always said it was their call. We left Croke Park available and they have decided they don’t want to use it.”


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