SEAMUS O'TUAMA: Murphys edge out Ulster pairing

Cousins Aidan and Kieran Murphy beat Ulster pair Thomas Mackle and Sean Donnelly in the last shot of the Dunmanway Hospital and Daycare joint-benefit event at Derrinasafa on Sunday.

Mackle easily beat Aidan Murphy’s first shot with a good bowl to sight. They kept the momentum going and were 100m fore at the return finish line. Kieran Murphy reduced the odds to 70m with a good bowl to Daly’s gate, but Donnelly pushed clear again with a good shot towards Cullinane’s cross. Mackle then got a great bowl towards Ross’s and Donnelly went out with his sixth to push the lead to almost a bowl.

After three more to the Darkwood turn the lead was just a metre short of a bowl. Donnelly got a poor shot from the turn and Aidan Murphy beat it by 40m. Mackle reached Dwyer’s with his next. Kieran Murphy replied with a great shot past Walsh’s lane, Donnelly only beat that by five metres to leave the sides virtually level.

Aidan Murphy followed with another big bowl to O’Grady’s, which Mackle missed by 20m to concede the lead for the first time. Donnelly then got a good bowl to the avenue gate. Kieran Murphy’s counter shot was too tight on the left and missed that by 50m. Aidan Murphy followed with a poor shot too to beat the tip by just 40m.

Kieran Murphy kept the score alive by beating Mackle’s big shot to the cottage by 70m. Donnelly now just needed to beat the line, but he played too tight on the left and only beat Murphy’s tip by 15m. Aidan Murphy closed with a big shot past the line and Mackle missed it by 20m.

James O’Donovan beat Christy Mullins comfortably in the last shot at the Timoleague festival. He started strongly, reaching Bateman’s in five shots where he was just 50m short of a bowl in front. He looked to have a chance to extend his lead when Mullins played a poor eighth, but played his bowl too tight on the left and only beat the tip by 70m.

Mullins then played two good shots in succession to O’Leary’s where he had the lead down to 20m. He cut the odds to just seven metres when he followed with another good bowl to sight. His next looked well played too, but it veered right. O’Donovan seized that opening with a massive bowl, which Mullins beat by just 20m with his next to leave almost a bowl between them again.

O’Donovan’s next was not as good though. Mullins replied with a good bowl to just short of Barryshall cross. O’Donovan kept the upper hand by making the end of the cross with his bowl. O’Donovan still had a 15m lead facing the line. Surprisingly both players missed the line with their next throws. Mullins’ last bowl was not great either and O’Donovan beat it comfortably.

Padraig Scanlon and Martin Daly bowled impressively to beat Cian and Thomas Boyle by a bowl at Carraig na bhFear. They led following two to sight after Thomas Boyle was unlucky with his second throw. Scanlon then got a massive bowl from before the black gate to light at the Doctor’s. They held a big lead to the top of the hill. The Boyles might have levelled at the creamery but for Scanlon’s big bowl from Geaney’s to the cross.

Daly got a short bowl from the cross and the contest stayed in play towards the novice line. Thomas Boyle beat a big shot from Scanlon past the line to keep the lead under a bowl. Daly then got a great bowl to sight, which raised a bowl and sealed the verdict.

The Boyles won the return score.

Michael Murphy beat Darren Donnelly by two bowls at Gortroe. He was 50m clear after three to the end of the railingand was a bowl in front at the end of the wood and increased his lead to the Well Bar. He finished in another six to eventually win by two bowls.

Jim Coffey had a double over John Cahalane at Ballinacurra on Saturday. In the first he got six great shots from the gas line to the Junior C finish to win by almost a bowl.

In the second he got a record opening bowl from the Junior C line to the concrete, which gave him almost two bowls of odds. On Sunday Johnny Murphy beat Jimmy Cowhig at the same venue.

In the Munster youth team event at the Phale Road South-West had a double. Their team of Eoin Healy, David Hegarty and Tommy O’Sullivan beat Mid Cork (Tom O’Donovan, Joshua Murphy, Eoin O’Donovan) with West Cork (Brian O’Driscoll, Jason Connolly, Stephen Daly) third.

Katie Sexton, Niamh Ahern and Hannah Sexton were the winning South-West girls’ team. West Cork (Marina Connolly, Jacinta Murphy, Emma Hickey) were second with Carbery (Triona Murphy, Olivia Bowen, Mairéad O’Driscoll) third.


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