SEAMUS O'TUAMA: John Creedon lifts Paddy Barry Cup in Rosscarbery thriller

John Creedon beat Brian Wilmot in the last shot in the Paddy Barry Cup at Rosscarbery.

Creedon opened with a great bowl past the Mill cross to take the first tip by 15m. 

Wilmot followed with super second and third bowls towards the priest’s house, while it took Creedon four to beat that tip. 

Wilmot’s next two were poor though and he lost the lead.

Creedon gained a big lead by making sight at Barry’s hill and Wilmot was now holding off a bowl of odds. 

Wilmot reduced the lead with his next two past Barry’s lane. 

He beat Creedon’s bowl to the guesthouse by 70m to bring the lead well under a bowl. 

Creedon misplayed his next and after two more to the no-play line they were dead level on 12 each.

Wilmot got a great bowl from the line which beat the Quaker’s cross by 30m and put him back in front. Creedon’s next rubbed at the wall and made the Bull’s gate, but Wilmot held his lead. Little changed in the next exchange. 

Wilmot increased his odds with a great bowl well onto the finishing straight.

Creedon spun his last bowl left and it settled perfectly to beat the line. 

Wilmot had 100m to beat. He opted to play the right side. 

His bowl hopped in at the lane and hit a wall 10m short of Creedon’s tip.

James O’Donovan beat Gary Daly by a bowl at Shannonvale. 

Daly won the first two shots past Cleary’s and increased his lead to 60m with his third. 

He made the quarry with his fourth to extend his lead. 

O’Donovan’s fifth got a nice twist and went past the quarry. 

His following bowl was blocked at Buttimer’s, but it still cut Daly’s lead to 15m as he caught the left.

They made Desmond’s in two more each. O’Donovan went 60m clear after two great bowls to the end of Kingston’s wall. 

He increased his lead towards Tobin’s. 

He missed sight at Campbell’s, but Daly missed that tip to concede a bowl of odds. O’Donovan closed it out by beating the line in two more.

John O’Rourke was brilliant in his Seán Leahy Cup win over Jerry Gibbons at the Pike. 

He opened with a brilliant bowl towards the end of the footpath and narrowly missed White’s cross with his third. 

Gibbons did well to keep the lead at a bowl after four and five to the cross.

Gibbons kept in contention with a great bowl over the bridge, but O’Rourke beat it. 

O’Rourke made the second line in two more. 

Gibbons just missed in two and then had a dead bowl with his loft to leave two bowls between them. 

They both finished strongly, with O’Rourke still building his lead.

Thomas Boyle closed with five near-record shots at Gortroe to beat Vincent Kiely by almost a bowl.

He looked to be cruising after raising a bowl with his first, but his form dipped and his lead was back to 50m after six to the bridge. 

Kiely pushed on to take the lead with a super shot to the silver gate. Boyle regained the lead with a great bowl to the Well Bar. 

He made sight with his next and scorched past the line in three more.

Shane Shannon had a double over Freddie Scannell at Macroom. 

Scannell started well, led by a bowl after three and was two clear at the gap. 

Shannon turned the score completely with four super shots to Glasheen cross. 

He led all the way in the return.

A strong finish by Noel Bowen, Michael Barry and Liam Walsh saw them to victory over Éamon Bowen Jnr, Maurice Connolly and Darren Bowen in the John O’Donovan Cup final at Bottlehill. 

They trailed by almost two bowls at the farm but levelled in the shots to the bridge.

Noel Bowen then got the better of his brother Éamon in the shots to the holy well. 

He beat Éamon’s again in a vital exchange from the mad dog bend to keep his team in front. That gave Michael Barry the launch pad to open the last bend with a super bowl and Liam Walsh beat the line to wrap it up.

Deckie Conway was the player of the tournament in the Jerry O’Mahony Cup. He teamed up with Ted O’Donovan and Kieran Conway to beat Éamon Connolly, Shane O’Connell and Dónal Cahill by two bowls in the final.

The West Virginia association published its annual report for 2015 ahead of next Saturday’s AGM in the town of Ireland, where the association emerged in 1995. 

All Irish sport organisations, not just bowlers, could glean a lot of inspiration from that report.

From a very small base, they have grown the sport to the extent that they’ve had at least 10,000 bowlers involved in competition between 2011 and 2015.

They put a huge emphasis on fun, on and off the road, including family events on their now-statewide tour.

They are also increasing their competitiveness, winning three of the four North American novice titles in 2015.


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