SEAMUS O'TUAMA: James O’Donovan gets huge boost ahead of cup score

James O’Donovan beat Aidan Murphy by a bowl at Béal na mBláth to get a significant confidence boost ahead of his Joe McVeigh Cup qualifier against David Murphy next Saturday.

Aidan Murphy will hope for more consistency when he plays Martin Coppinger at the same event starting from Tassagh bridge on the Newtownhamilton road on Saturday morning. 

The two winners will meet on Sunday for the right to play Killian Kingston at Ból-Fada on Easter Saturday.

Thomas Mackle with play either Cathal Toal or Paul O’Reilly who contest the Ulster section final on Sunday morning. 

O’Reilly bowled impressively in his win over Martin Toal last weekend.

At Béal na mBláth James O’Donovan won the first shot. Aidan Murphy won the next two to lead by 80m. He increased his odds with a great fourth towards Shorten’s cross.

He followed with a poor shot though and O’Donovan was back in it. O’Donovan got a great bowl past Shorten’s cross and Murphy did well to beat it by five metres. 

Murphy got the better of the next two past Long’s lane to increase his odds to 60m.

O’Donovan cut the odds to five metres in the next exchange. He followed with a big shot to Twohig’s farm, which gave him a 40m lead, only his second. He got a brilliant bowl to the garage, which put him a bowl of odds clear. 

Murphy ended a poor sequence with a good bowl from the garage. O’Donovan was too tight left and missed that tip. After his next his lead stood at just 30m.

O’Donovan raised the bowl again with a great next shot. He extended his odds in the following exchange to ensure a bowl of odds win.

Martin Toal won the first shot well against Paul O’Reilly. O’Reilly levelled with a brilliant second to the silver gate and he won the lead with a fine third shot. 

Toal regained the lead with his fourth. O’Reilly played a good fifth to sight at Twynam’s to lead again.

He beat a big shot from Toal to Gallogly’s height. He was at the creamery lane in two more where he led by a bowl. 

Toal knocked the bowl with his next, but O’Reilly got two good shots to McCann’s to go almost two clear.

He had two full bowls after two more throws to the carnival gates. He was well over two bowls clear at the creamery stand and Toal conceded. 

Michael Bohane wiped out a bowl of odds to beat Gary Daly by almost a bowl at Whitechurch. 

Daly had a bowl at Boula lane, but Bohane was a bowl clear after the shots from the Devil’s bend. Daly knocked the bowl on the last straight, but got no closer.

Jerry Gibbons bowled well at Ballydehob to beat Mick Hurley by a bowl. Hurley opened with two good bowls and led well at the first bend. Gibbons levelled after five to Sammy’s. 

He increased his odds to almost a bowl in the next four to the cottage. He raised a full bowl with his next.

Hurley cut the odds to the novice d line and was just 50m hind after his next. Gibbons’ bowl past Barry’s cross got a nice rub to put him back in control. He restored his bowl of odds with his next and held it to the end.

Cian Boyle is in the Josie Crean Cup semi-final after a last shot win over David Hubbard at Whitechurch. He gained almost a bowl with his first and was a full bowl in front after five to the wall. 

Hubbard knocked the bowl with a great shot on the flat, it was still under a bowl at the top of the straight.

Hubbard levelled towards the Devil’s bend and they were still level at sight. Hubbard then got a massive bowl, which was called and his next was not as good. 

Boyle made the end of the wall with his reply and Hubbard could not do enough with his last.

John Young edged Tony O’Sullivan in the John-Joe Murphy Cup at Bauravilla. O’Sullivan was a bowl up after five to the netting. 

He lost most of his odds past Dekker’s and Young led at the rock. O’Sullivan was back in front at the bridge.

They matched each other shot for shot to the last throw, with O’Sullivan just fore. Young closed with a brilliant bowl, which O’Sullivan just missed. 

Tim Young beat John O’Rourke in the last shot at Bantry. He had a big lead after his second, but O’Rourke levelled with a great shot to Cronin’s. 

O’Rourke gained a big advantage with a good sixth to the gospel hall. Young clipped that lead and edged into a 20m lead with his second last. He won the last exchange well.

David O’Mahony had a clear win over Craig Moynihan at Templemichael. He had close to two bowls after his second towards the bend

After two more to the wall he was over two bowls clear. He had well over two bowls after eight to the green. Moynihan cut the odds with a great bowl to sight, but O’Mahony pushed clear again.

On the Newtownhamilton road two big shots from McCann’s to the creamery lane gave Paul Rafferty a bowl of odds on Eddie Carr and he held it to the line


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