SEAMUS O'TUAMA: Creedon, Murphy have top class wins

John Creedon and Aidan Murphy were the big winners over the weekend.

Creedon won the Mother Hegarty Cup final at Lyre on Sunday and Murphy had a double, securing his place in the Mick Barry Cup final at Ballincurrig and beating All-Ireland champion Martin Coppinger at Derrinasafa.

Creedon beat Gary Daly in the last shot in the Mother Hegarty Cup final despite opening with a short bowl. Daly was a bowl of odds clear after two brilliant bowls to the forestry. He took three more to make the hump though and Creedon clipped the odds to 60m. Creedon then got a massive bowl to Crowley’s farm but Daly beat it by 30m to hold the lead.

Daly stayed in front for the next two but Creedon won his first lead with his bowl to McCarthy’s bend. They were dead level after their next but Creedon edged the next exchange by 20m and increased his odds to 70m when Daly played his to the left. Daly just beat the line from there and Creedon didn’t have to throw again.

Daly was on the losing side too against Aidan Murphy in the Mick Barry Cup semi-final at Ballincurrig on Friday. He opened with two massive bowls to go well past Moore’s gate. He made the middle of the green with his next and Murphy cut the odds by reaching the end of the green with his fourth.

Daly then made a capital mistake when he played his bowl too low on the left and it just reached the creamery. Murphy got two good bowls to Heaphy’s and it took a good seventh from Daly to just hold a two-metre lead. Murphy led for the first time in the shots towards O’Riordan’s.

Daly was back in front in the middle of the long straight. Murphy got a super shot from there to clear light at Leahy’s. Daly played his bowl into the right and was just at the end of Leahy’s with his next.

Murphy lofted his next but it missed the big corner. Daly then went out and cut the odds to 10 metres. He played his next very tight but it just made the top of the short straight. Murphy’s bowl came off the middle and missed light and Daly looked in control.

After two more Murphy was just at the elbow and Daly now had a chance to make the finishing straight. He made his second big mistake of the night — standing too low he blew his bowl into the elbow and missed Murphy’s tip. Murphy got the better of the next exchange too with a spinning bowl that just missed the line. Daly’s last bowl was too tight on the left and Murphy did not have to throw again.

Murphy followed up with a win over All-Ireland champion Martin Coppinger at Derrinasafa on Sunday.

Coppinger made a great start to lead by 30m after two to the end of the wall. He was 100m clear after another two to Healy’s and increased his lead to Ross’s. He lost ground to Cotter’s cross and Murphy levelled with two good bowls to light at the Darkwood turn.

Murphy led for the first time in the shots from the Darkwood. Coppinger played his next two to the left and Murphy gained a 100m lead. Coppinger played his next bowl to the right and Murphy almost had a bowl. He was just short of the line in five more where he was still almost a bowl in front.

Earlier in the week Gary Daly beat James O’Donovan in the semi-final of the Mother Hegarty Cup at Lyre. He won the first three tips, O’Donovan won the fourth, but Daly went ahead again with his next and held on for a comfortable win.

The inaugural Johnny Holland Cup final will be played at Bauravilla on Sunday. So far, Killian Kingston (after beating David Hubbard) and John Shorten (after he beat Donal Riordan) have qualified. Michael Bohane and Wayne Callanan meet in the third semi-final tonight. An open Johnny Holland long shot competition is running each day of the tournament.

The first Munster Junior C semi-final will be played tonight between Dave Mackey and Chris Murray at Jagoes Mills. Eoin O’Riordan plays Denis O’Sullivan in the other semi-final at Enniskeane.

Thomas O’Callaghan and Joe Madden meet in the Munster Novice I final. The Novice II final, between Glen Callanan and Gene Twomey is fixed for Bottlehill on Friday night. Padraig Nugent is the Novice I champion having beaten Pat O’Neill at Launder’s Lane on Saturday. Peter Deasy won the London Novice II final against Danny O’Shea a few weeks ago.


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