SEAMUS O'TUAMA: Classy Callanan rules at Curraheen

Wayne Callanan is the Hughie Desmond Cup champion following an impressive two bowls of odds win over Seamus Sexton at Curraheen on Saturday.

He got a good opening bowl to take the first tip by 40m. Sexton didn’t make sight with his second and when Callanan replied with a great bowl to full sight he was a bowl in front. Sexton just made the Hall cross with his next. Callanan hit back with another great shot to sight at Ryan’s and now he was two bowls clear.

Callanan was down to the mill bridge in another two for a very impressive total of five throws against seven for Sexton.

Sexton brought the lead under two bowls with a great throw from the bridge. That failed to lift the siege though as Callanan rattled off three great bowls in succession to the tarmac to bring his lead over two bowls again. Sexton missed Richard’s lane in another two. Callanan increased his lead by making the lane for a first-class tally of 11 throws.

Vincent Kiely will contest the Marshall Clarke Cup final following a comprehensive win over a below-par PJ Cooney at Derrinasafa on Sunday. He opened with a big bowl, which set the trend for the score. He reached Collins’ with his second to go a shot in front. He then got a super third shot past Daly’s gate to raise a second bowl.

He took his lead well over two bowls by reaching the haggard gate past Ross’s in six. He gave Cooney no way back as he had sight at the Darkwood turn in another three to increase his lead. He continued to dominate to the novice line where Cooney conceded. He plays Jerry Gibbons in the final.

Martin Coppinger raised the tempo in the second half of his clash with Gary Daly at Castletownkenneigh to score a comfortable win.

Daly got the better start and looked to be taking control at the round tower. He got two poor shots to the old pub though and Coppinger took the lead. Still Daly kept in touch in the next two shots up the hill to light at Pyne’s bend. They were still locked together after another two shots to Nyhan’s cattle pen.

Coppinger got another good bowl from there to increase his lead to 50m. Daly came back with a good bowl but didn’t get close enough to Forshin’s cross. Coppinger did better with his and was in a position to loft his next to sight at the cross and keep a 50m lead.

Daly’s next bowl was very tight on the left, but it stayed on track and it looked certain to level the score. Coppinger’s reply was very low, but it veered right brushed the brow and beat the tip by a score winning 100m. Daly just beat that tip with his next and Coppinger released another super shot past the line.

Cian Boyle led all the way in his two bowls of odds win over Brendan O’Neill at Donoughmore. O’Neill was in trouble after two poor opening shots, the second of which hit a wall. Boyle didn’t get a great second either, but he compensated with two great bowls towards the bounds to go over a bowl in front.

O’Neill then missed sight and struggled to Ring’s corner. He rallied with a great shot to Ring’s to bring the lead back to a bowl of odds. He continued to press to the wall where he had the lead under a bowl. Boyle then got a good shot onto the straight to raise the bowl of odds again. He took control from there to the end of the straight where he was over two in front.

Michael Bohane bowled well at Glanworth where he beat Éamon Bowen Snr by two bowls of odds. They were locked together in the first five to Clontinty boreen. Bowen made a mistake at Ahern’s, which put him a bowl behind. He then missed Ballinamona turn to concede a second bowl and the contest was over.

Gavin Twohig beat David Hubbard in the Billy Molloy Cup semi-final at Whitechurch despite a slow start.

Hubbard opened with three good bowls to the pump, while Twohig played his first to the left and his second to the right to fall a full bowl behind. Hubbard held that lead to the end of the wall. Twohig then got a sensational bowl from there to just short of Boula lane. Hubbard missed that in two throws to concede the lead and he never led again.

Twohig increased his odds to almost a bowl at the top of the straight, but failed to make the farmhouse with his next. Hubbard went past the farm to close the gap. Twohig took two more to reach the Devil’s bend. Hubbard didn’t make a huge dent in the lead as Twohig easily won the next exchange and then got a big shot towards the line to seal his place in the final.

Former world, European, All-Ireland and King of the Roads champion Bill Daly was awarded the Glanmire and District Sports, Business and Community Award for his outstanding community service. The award coincided with his recent retirement as a garda sergeant.


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