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Why the garden doesn’t need to be a no-go zone during Winter

As we let go of the summer of sunshine, which saw most of us eating alfresco in beer gardens and BBQ spaces around the country, we’ve been left buzzing with notions and no way of fulfilling them during these colder months.

After a quick scan of the hipster's guide to winter, also known as Pinterest, we’ve discovered the key to be able to enjoy cocktails and nibbles outdoors over the Christmas period.

A Calor gas powered outdoor patio heater, has the power to extend the summer season long into the cold and frosty winter months, leaving our new-found notions intact.

Don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking - “In our weather?”

Calor products are designed for outdoor use, delivering reliability and adaptability in the changeable winter conditions that Irish customers are used to.

And with the addition of twinkly fairy lights and homely touches, such as cosy blankets and cushions, you’ll be starring in your own Christmas rom-com in no time.

Whether you're entertaining friends and family for a night on the patio or cosying up under the stars, you can turn up the heat on the perfect outdoor accessory, adding comfort even on the chilliest of nights.

Just like a family straight out of a Christmas catalogue.

Calor are able to offer a full range of cylinders to suit your needs, along with propane gas which is specifically recommended for outdoor use.

Visit shop.calorgas.ie to view their range of outdoor products.


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