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The tech gadgets that will fill Irish homes by next year

Never before has there been so many devices on the market, claiming to be a must-have in your life and demanding a space in your home.

As reported recently, 34% of Irish adults plan to bring smart home gadgets into their homes in the near future, and with so many to choose from, what’s worthwhile and what’s a passing fad?

What makes your home more cluttered, and what matches the perfect pairing of high tech with interior design.

Here are the top five new devices and appliances that we predict will become mainstays in Irish homes over the next 12 months.

Prettier TVs

No longer a black box eyesore in the corner or over the mantel, Samsung, in particular, are stepping up their TV game and putting an artistic spin on their designs. Whether you’d prefer your TV to blend into the background or take on a new life as wall art, their newest TV designs have you covered.

Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ is designed to look exactly like a picture frame, with a timber frame encasing the TV and hanging flush on your wall, taking care of the ugly wire problem at the same time.

When not in use, the TV displays digital artwork inside the frame – either upload your own photos or choose from high-quality images on the TV to set the tone for the room or the season.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s new line of QLED ambient mode TVs will literally make your TV blend into your room’s décor when you’re not watching it.

You take a photo of the TV as it hangs on the wall, upload it to the TV, and the TV will analyse the wall décor and texture to create an image that looks just like the wall. In a darkened room, the ambient mode turns off automatically, saving energy.

Smart Speakers/Virtual Assistants

Given the meteoric rise of voice search – a popularly cited report by ComScore predicts that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 – and their relatively low price point, smart speakers and virtual assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa are sure to be on most people’s Christmas wishlists this year.

With these devices, you can find what you need to know at lightning speed without the need to click, type in words, or swipe.

A breakthrough in convenience, this new technology can turn your home into the home of the future.

Information isn’t all these virtual assistants can do. They can manage your schedule, play your favourite music, or stream content to your TV.

Since the device can recognise as many as six users, everyone in the family can have their own personal assistant.

Here in Ireland, Google has even included some of the nation’s favourite phrases in these devices’ programming, giving them a more human touch.

Streaming TV

Many households will relate to the fact that, after their rent or mortgage, their TV package subscription is one of the greatest monthly expenses eating into their pay packets by the end of the month.

So it’s no surprise that some alternatives are starting to creep into the market to challenge the big players in TV.

The newest of which is the Now TV Smart Stick, which allows you to stream live TV stations of your choice or binge-watch box sets on demand, with no contract needed.

Just plug your smart stick into a compatible TV, connect to WiFi, and you can stream to your heart’s content.

Smart Doorbells

With burglary and assault rates in Ireland increasing year on year in most counties – just look at the Irish Examiner’s county by county breakdown – it’s no wonder many smart home gadgets are aimed at increasing home security and giving peace of mind.

A smart doorbell allows you to see and talk to who’s outside from anywhere—whether you’re at home relaxing on your couch, at work or on holiday overseas.

Smart doorbells connect with your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, allowing you to talk to anyone who comes to your door.

With these devices, you can even catch someone trying to sneak inside without coming onto your doorstep. Motion sensors trigger instant alerts that let you know when someone approaches your home.

These devices are perfect for young mums who are at home alone during the day, for elderly people who live alone, or for the busy family who is often away from home and want to keep an eye on their property while they’re at work, or on holiday.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Dread cleaning day because you have to lug that huge vacuum canister up and down the stairs, cord dragging along as you go?

Then when you move into the next room, the cord pulls out of the wall outlet. Frustrating hardly covers it.

If you haven’t checked out cordless vacuum cleaners for a while, you’re in for a treat. Gone are the days when a handheld vacuum cleaner could barely clean up a cornflakes spill, let alone the dust along the steps. The tech gods have heard you.

Today’s cordless vacuum cleaners can clean up dust and dirt as well as any plug-in model—and you won’t throw out your back or deal with dragging cords again.

With their incredible suction power, one of these new cordless cleaners might just replace your plug-in models for good.

Get ready to embrace the future. When it comes to home technology, the future is now. Start writing your Christmas list and get down to one of DID Electrical's 23 branches around Ireland to get your home kitted out with the lastest smart tech.

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